How To Remove Forgotten Pattern, PIN, or Password In Samsung Galaxy A13

There are instances whereby you forgot your password or pattern on your phone. This is perhaps a worst-case scenario in which you can find yourself in this modern world, where you depend solely on your phone to perform certain activities.

There are ways you can try to retrieve it, but if these ways don’t work, you might be left with no other option but to hard reset your phone. This will reset your phone wiping all your files and data including the saved passcodes. Here’s how to remove forgotten pattern, PIN, or password in Samsung Galaxy A23.

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How To Remove Forgotten Pattern, PIN, or Password In Samsung Galaxy A23

First, make sure your phone is connected to a power source. Once that’s done, press the power button + volume down button until the phone is off. 

Then, continue pressing the power button but now switch to the volume up button to enter the recovery mode. You will be able to see the phone’s recovery menu. Scroll down using the volume down button and select Wipe data/factory reset using the side key button.

Next, select Factory data reset to confirm the changes. Remember once you do this, you will not recover your data. Afterward, select Reboot now from the menu to boot your phone up. From here, your Samsung Galaxy A23 will restart as a brand-new phone where you’ll have to set up a new PIN or password.

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