How To Recover Deleted Photos On Your iPhone

Have you ever deleted a photo from your phone and immediately regretted it? You were probably in a binge deleting session and you accidentally deleted a photo you intended to keep.

If this was a PC, you’d simply go to the recycle bin and restore the photo you didn’t intend to delete. But your iPhone does not have a recycle bin. All is not lost though; you can recover deleted photos on your iPhone or iPad easily.

How To Recover Deleted Photos on iPhone:

In the newer versions of iOS, there is a built in album in the Photos app called ‘Recently Deleted’. That’s where all your deleted photos and videos go for about 40 days before they are permanently deleted. So when you accidentally delete a photo,  simply tap on ‘Albums’  in the photos app, then scroll down to the bottom until you find ‘Recently Deleted’.

Recover Deleted Photos on iPhone

Open the album, find the photo/video you deleted and restore it. In this album,  you’ll find photos and videos you deleted within the last 30 days. Photos deleted prior to this period may not be available.

iOS keeps these deleted photos in your iCloud account for the said period.  After the period expires, they delete them. It’s worth noting that if your iCloud account is full. iOS will not be able to keep your deleted photos.

And it will let you know that when deleting a photo with a message saying that the whatever your deleting will be permanently deleted immediately.

There are however, third party tools you can use to recover deleted files on your iPhone.

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  1. It’s good that at some point the photos began to be saved to the cloud and from there they can be easily retrieved. Before this function, I remember suffering very much when I accidentally deleted photos. All the same, it’s great that technologies are developing and becoming more convenient. Did you know you can recycle phones? I give everything to this company and they are doing great.

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