How To Make Your Firefox Browser Faster

Nothing is more annoying than a slow browser especially when you’re trying to get some work done. Mozilla Firefox,  like any other browser can get slow and lagy some times.

how To make Firefox faster

Updating to the latest Firefox version is one way of dealing with the problem. But if even that is not helping to get your browser as smoothly as it was few months ago, here are a few tips you can  use to make your browser faster.

How To Make Firefox Faster:

There has to be a reason that your browser has suddenly become slower than it normally is. These are the most probable causes and their solutions.

Check Your Antivirus:

If Firefox browser became slow soon after installing a new antivirus program, this could be the cause.  Some antivirus programs browse through and scan application data and this might cause your browser to be slow.

Try to re configure your antivirus software so that it stops scanning the system folder containing your browser data for Mozilla Firefox.

Remove Unnecessary Extensions and Plugins:

Your browser may be lagging because it has too many add-ons and plugins.  Some you may no longer be using. Go through your browser’s list of add-ons and remove some. Especially the ones you never use.

Check your Browser Homepage:

Mozilla Firefox comes with a neat attractive homepage that you can customize. But people still prefer to change and the browser allows it. If your browser is slow, especially after changing your homepage, try to revert to the default homepage or a simple page like Google and see what happens.

Firefox have reported that websites with loading problems set as the browser homepage cause the browser to start and work slowly.

Clear Your Browser cookies and Cache

As you use your browser, it collects information to enhance and streamline your user experience. But sometimes, they clog up your browser and make it slow. Clear Firefox Cache (Without deleting your saved passwords) and see if it makes your browser faster.

Re-install Firefox:

There could be a problem with the browser itself. This should be saved for last;  when nothing else works. Re-installing basically means uninstalling and Installing the browser again. To Delete Firefox completely,  you need to delete the Firefox program folder after uninstalling from the control panel.

After trying all these things, your Firefox browser is bound to be faster. Unless there’s a problem with the PC itself.

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