How To Make a Simple DYI Laptop Stand

Laptop stands are crucial accessories for anyone who uses their laptop for prolonged periods of time. We already established this when we looked at the best laptop stands you can buy in a previous post. The ergonomic benefits of having a laptop stand should not be taken lightly.

Laptop stands are accessories that have to be purchased separately because you will never find them in your new laptops packaging. Some are quite affordable but if you feel like you want to make your own laptop stand for one reason or the other, you can!

The whole idea behind a laptop stand is lifting the screen of your laptop such that the top of the screen is one or two inches above your eyes when you’re seated upright.  That can be achieved easily in your office or home by piling a bunch of books on your desk and placing the laptop on the books.

DYI laptop stand

You’ll add and remove books of different thickness until the laptop is at the ideal height. And you have a perfectly ergonomic laptop setup. And just like the other laptop stands you have to buy, you’ll need an external mouse and keyboard to sit on the surface while the laptop is up there.

This is a free laptop stand you can make in your office or home with old books you no longer read.  The only downside with this is that it doesn’t look neat or professional especially for the office. It’s also not portable unless you want to keep carrying a bunch of books around. You might have to have two sets of unused books at your home and at your office if you carry your laptop around. But it works!

This could be a good temporary solution while you wait to buy a real laptop stand or if you just don’t feel like buying one. It gets the job done.

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