How To Install Google Docs Add Ons

Google docs is already a very robust online document processing application. With Docs, Sheets and Slides being so good with most of the features I need, It has actually replaced Microsoft Office for the time being.

But even with Google docs, some users require extra features and tools like Google Docs Offline. These can be added in form of add-ons. Before you can use an add on, you have to install it. Google docs has an entire store off add-ons that you can install depending on your needs.

How To Install Google Docs Add Ons:

To Install an add on on Google docs, load on your browser and make sure you’re signed in.

Open the document, spreadsheet or presentation you intend to use the add on for. In the menu bar at the top, click on Add-ons, then select Get add-ons….

A window will pop up with the available add-ons you can install.  Select the one you want and install. Most of them are free but you might have to grant some permissions for the add on to work.


To use an installed add-on, click on Add-ons in the menu bar and select the add on from the drop down menu.

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