This Tool Will Remind You To Follow Up On Emails in Gmail

You read an email and vow to reply or act on it once you finish what you’re doing right now. But as usual,  you get too entangled with work and other emails that you forget about that email; completely. It might also be an email to inform you of a birthday party coming in two weeks.

After reading the email, chances are, you’ll forget about it ans subsequently miss your cousin’s birthday party. Even starring an email and moving it to the ‘important folder’ doesn’t guarantee you won’t forget about it.

There is a solution for all this that involves a third party tool which reminds you to follow up on emails you have read and you need to reply or act upon at a certain time. This brings a solution to the problem of ‘forgotten emails’.

RightInbox,  a Google Chrome extension adds a reminder functionality to your Gmail account. When you install and grant the extension access to your Gmail account, You’ll see a ‘Remind Me‘ button  at the top of your Gmail account when you open any email.

follow up email

Click on it and choose when you want to be reminded of the email. Then you can close the email and return to do other things.

When the time you selected comes, the email will be sent to the top of your inbox and marked as unread.  From there you’ll easily spot it once you open your Gmail account. Then you can act on it. The extension icon inn Chrome’s navigation bar will also show you there’s an email follow up you need to act on.

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