Here Are The Most Common Facebook Login Problems

Logging in to your Facebook account should be easy as pie.  Especially with modern browsers that store cookies and other browsing date to make work easier. Whether you’re logging in manually or via saved login details, you might encounter problems when trying to log in to your account.

Spelling Errors:  If you type in your password every time you log in to your Facebook account,  you might type in your username or password wrong.  The error message will let you know exactly what’s wrong with the login details you’ve entered.

If your username is very close to the correct one,  sometimes Facebook might pull out your correct username for you. If it’s the correct one,  simply enter your password and proceed.  For the password,  you might not know where you misspelled because the characters are hidden behind asterisks.  You have to delete the whole password and try again.

Changed Login Details: You might have changed your username or password from another browser and now your usual browser keeps saying ‘Wrong login details’.  This is because your old browser could have your old login details saved.   You can login by entering your login details manually.  If you still encounter problems,  clear your cookies.

Forgotten Login Details:  Sometimes people forget their passwords and in some cases,  usernames.  If you cannot remember your password,  you simply have to reset it by clicking on the ‘Forgot password?’  link in the login page and following the on screen instructions.

For forgotten username,  there is a process that Facebook will take you through to try and establish you’re the legitimate owner of the account.  You’ll be asked questions about the info in your account and you have to answer these questions correctly.

Tip: The best way to avoid forgetting your username is by adding your phone number to your profile and knowing your username. Facebook allows you to enter either your email,  phone number or username in the username field of the login page.

Facebook has a help page dedicated to solve common login problems.  You can go through it and see what you can do in different situations and understand better why things happen the way they do.

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