You Can Easily Edit PDF Files Without Adobe Acrobat

PDF is the most popular format used for documents that are being sent or received.  This is because this file format is compact and has a lot of restrictions that help to keep it safe.

edit pdf files without adobe acrobat

Reading a PDF documents is easy and can be done for free using Adobe reader and other methods.  Even you Chrome browser can be used to open and read PDF documents.

It’s the editing of these PDF document that brings users to their knees.  Adobe will have you part with at least $180 every year to use Acrobat.But fear not; Here are free PDF editing options you can choose from.

Edit PDF Files Online:

You can edit PDF files without downloading a single application. Simply open your favorite browser and go to  This is the most accomplished PDF editing tool that is online and free. With this tool,  you can create basic PDF files from scratch. It will let you edit PDF documents,  even the password protected ones.  You can also add annotations to your PDF document and fill out PDF forms.

Convert PDF to Word:

You can convert the PDF file you want to edit into a Word document which you can then open and edit in Microsoft word. PDF Online is a good tool for converting PDF to Word.

Others like PDF Nitro do a better job at converting but take more time. You actually have to leave your email address and they will email you when it’s complete.

When you finish editing the document you can export it back to the PDF format.  Microsoft Office 2010 and newer versions have the option to Export as PDF.  If you are using older versions like Word 2007, then you will need to download and install this SaveAsPdf plugin before you can export as PDF.

You can also use the same online tools to convert the edited documents back to the PDF format.  This formatting will obviously not be perfect.


Edit PDF file Properties and Remove Passwords:

The tools I have discussed above will help you alter a PDF document but will not change the properties.  Properties of a PDF document include the name, author, title,  creation data e.t.c.

BeCyPDFMetaEdit is a free tool that you will have to download and install on your computer. Use it to edit the properties of a PDF file.  This tool will also help you remove the password in password protected PDF documents.

After you download and install it,  open the location of the file but before you select it,  change the mode to ‘complete Re-write’.  This way when the document is open,  it will already have its password removed.

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