Download All Your Tweets From The Twitter Archive

Your Twitter archive is a collection of all your Twitter data. All your tweets, re-tweets and all the reaction from your tweets. In fact if you want to scroll through your old tweets, including your very first tweet, it’s easier to browser through your archive to find them.

Tip: If you are thinking about Deleting Your Twitter account, download a copy of your Twitter Archive first. It might contain information you will need when your account is gone.

How To download Your Twitter Archive

To download your Twitter archive, sign in to your account and navigate to your account settings page. At the bottom of your account settings page click on the ‘Request your archive‘ button. Twitter will notify you through a pop up message that it has received your request and is acting on it.

When Twitter has finished preparing your archive, a download link will be sent to the email address associated with your account. Login to that email and check for an email from Twitter telling you that the archive you requested is ready for download.

Tip: Before you request your Archive, make sure the email is working.  If not,  you can first change your Twitter email to one that works, then you can request your archive.

The email from Twitter might take a few hours, days or even weeks. So patience is necessary in this exercise. When it comes, it will have your Archive download link in it. Follow the onscreen instructions to download it.

Your Twitter archive will be downloaded as a zip file.  It’s size depends on the amount of data in your Twitter account. Use any extraction software to unzip and extract the contents.

The beauty of this Twitter archive is that it has been prepared for your navigation. To navigate the Twitter archive,  open the index.html file. It will open the archive in a browser Window. You can navigate by selecting bars from a particular year or month to find a particular tweet.

Even better, you can keyword search. Just use the search box at the top of the navigation page to find a tweet you posted.

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  1. Outdated instructions that don’t work anymore. “New” twitter doesn’t give you a download with Index.html/CSV file.

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