How to Strikethrough In Google Docs

A strikethrough is a a horizontal line through the center of text, resulting in text like this. Strike-through or drawing a line through text, is a very useful method, used in making amendments.

A good example, is if in your work, you have text that is no longer viable. Once you strike-through, it will let your readers know that the document, has been edited, or some text, has been removed or replaced.

Google Docs, does not list the strike-through toggle button, next to your italics or bold buttons on the toolbar. It is hidden. In this article, I will clearly outline, two methods you can use, to strike-through on text in Google docs.

How To Strikethrough In Google Docs

This option is listed in the menu bar. To access it, highlight all the text, you wish to strike-through. You can also, press Ctrl + A, to highlight all the text in your document if you wish to strikethrough all the text in the Google doc.

how to do strikethrough in google docs

At the top-menu, Click Format, then hover the mouse over the Text option. Click Strike-Through, to strike-through your text. A line will appear on your highlighted text.

Google Docs Strikethrough Keyboard Shortcut.

The above method is fine, but can be painful to use if you are required, to strike-through multiple times. The good news is, there is a keyboard shortcut, you can use to strike-through your text.

In Windows, press Alt + Shift + 5 keys, to strike-through the text you have selected. For Mac users, press Command + Shift + X, to strike-through your text.

To undo the strikethrough in Google docs, highlight the text, then press the keyboard shortcut, or use the strike-through option in your menu. This will remove your strike-through.

The strike-through option, works just like a toggle, similar to italics or bold options. If you wish to continue, typing form the same area where the strike-through has been done, turn off using the above method.

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