How To Do Power Shot On EA Sports FC 24

In the world of virtual football, EA Sports FIFA has consistently set the benchmark for realistic gameplay and graphics. Among the myriad of skills and moves available to players, mastering the power shot can be a game-changer.

A power shot in EA Sports FC 24 is a high-velocity shot taken by a player to maximize the chances of scoring a goal. It involves putting extra power into your shot, making it harder for the goalkeeper to react in time.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to perform a power shot on EA Sports FC 24.

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To Do Power Shot On EA Sports FC 24

First and foremost, you need to position your player correctly. To get the best results from a power shot, your player should ideally be facing the goal with the ball on their stronger foot. This allows for a more natural and powerful shot.

Next, you’ll need to aim your shot properly. Use the left stick to direct the shot toward your desired target. At this point, press the R1, L1, and shot buttons (Circle on PlayStation or B on Xbox) simultaneously to initiate the power shot. Aim to fill up the power meter to at least 75% by holding the power button down. This will generate the maximum power for your shot.

How To Do Power Shot On EA Sports FC 24

In conclusion, mastering the power shot in EA Sports FC 24 can significantly enhance your gameplay and goal-scoring ability. It’s a skill that requires practice. Remember to consider player positioning, timing, power meter, shot direction, and player attributes when attempting power shots.

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