How To Disconnect and Forget Bluetooth Devices On Your Mac

You can unpair a bluetooth device you have previously connected to your Mac to prevent it from automatically connecting whenever it’s in the vicinity. It’s also called ‘Forget’ in other electronic lingo.

When you unpair a Bluetooth device from your Mac, it will disappear from the list of Bluetooth. devices and you’ll have to pair it again to connect.

Mostly, you’ll be forced to unpair a Bluetooth device that automatically connects to your Mac if you want to connect it to another device.

How To Remove Bluetooth Device From Mac

Go to Bluetooth preferences on your Mac

From the list of paired Bluetooth devices, hover your mouse over the one you want to remove (unpair)

how to remove bluetooth devices on mac

Click on the little ‘X’ icon.

how to remove bluetooth devices on mac

Then confirm by clicking ‘Forget Device’.

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