How To Change SIM PIN On iPhone

If you feel like your SIM card is vulnerable to unauthorized access, you can change your SIM Pin to a different one to protect your SIM data and phone number.

It’s also advisable to change your SIM pin when you purchase a new SIM card. Especially because the vendor might have seen it already, or the default Pin is an obvious one like 0000 or 1234

When you change your SIM card Pin in an iPhone, the new Pin will be saved on the SIM card and hence you can use the new Pin even with a different device like an Android.

how to change sim pin on iphone

How To change SIM Pin On iPhone

Insert the SIM card into the iPhone

Switch on the iPhone and put in the current Pin.

Then go to Settings

Tap on ‘Mobile Data‘.

Then tap on SIM PIN

If for some reason you had the PIn disabled, enable it first using the toggle button

Then tap on Change Pin.

Enter your current Pin

Enter your New Desired Pin – Tap Done

Re-Enter the new Pin to confirm – Tap Done again

You have successfully changed your SIM PIN on iPhone.

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