How To Create a Facebook Group

Facebook groups allow you to have different types of interaction and conversations with people of different interests and goals.

Facebook allows you to create a group from within your own account. The process is simple and painless.

On the web interface, log in to your Facebook account and find ‘Groups’. on the left hand side pane.

Once you click on Groups, you should see all the groups you’re involved in (if any) and you also see a ‘+Create New Group‘ button. Or you could use this direct link:

That will open up a page where you can now add details about the group your creating. Give your group a name and choose whether you want ir public or private in the privacy selector. You could invite a few friends to the group too.

The ‘Create’. button is ready to be clicked. Click on it to create the group. Then you can go a head a customize the group with a cover photo, a few posts and more invites.

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