How To Print Gridlines In Excel

It’s one thing to hide (or even show) grid lines when working on an excel spreadsheet.

In fact, this video on how to hide gridlines in excel explains all that. But printing an Excel sheet with gridlines is another issue. One we can deal with straight away.

Whether you have gridlines showing on your Excel spreadsheet or not, there are chances that when you try to print, there are no gridlines showing in the print preview.

That means if you print, you will have no gridlines in your final print out. However, if you find and click on ‘Page Setup‘ in the print preview page, a small Window will pop up.

how to print gridlines in excel

In that small window, make sure the ‘Sheet‘ tab is selected. Then you can check the checkbox next to Gridlines to have the gridlines appear on your print preview and eventually on the print out once you print.

You can use the same method to hide the gridlines in case you don’t want to print them but they appear in your print preview. Simply uncheck that box.

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