How To Convert PDF To DWG For CAD

PDF format is well known as the best document and most secure format for sending data and information from one place to another. Whether it’s through Email, thumb drives, cloud storage e.t.c. It’s no wonder documents and files are always being converted to and from the PDF format. DWG files are no exception.

DWG file format is a format used to for 2 and 3 dimensional design data from CAD (Computer Aided Design) applications like AutoCAD, IntelliCAD Draftsight and others. From time to  time you will find yourself converting DWG to PDF or PDF to DWG. Here is how to convert .pdf files to .dwg CAD format.

Use AutoCAD 2017:

If you have autoCAD 2017, there is a feature that allows you to import PDF files into the software and converts them into .dwg files which can be edited and manipulated by the software. You can read more about that here.

PDF To DWG Converters:

If you use any other CAD software or a version of AutoCAD older than 2017, there is no feature or command to convert pdf to dwg. You have to use alternative methods. Fortunately, there are plenty of software and web tools you can use to perform this conversion.

Software tools require to be downloaded and installed on the computer. Most of them do a better job at converting than the web tools. Some need license keys that you have to pay for. Software is also operating system specific.

If you don’t like the idea of installing software on your computer,  you can use an online tool. Online/web tools can be used on any device and operating system with a browser. Another problem with software is that it takes time to learn how to use it before you can convert; Unless it’s a complicated or professional conversion, the web tools will save you time and money..Literally.

PDF TO DWG Conversion Software:

AnyDWG has a 30 day trial period after which you’ll need to purchase a license key. It works on all versions of windows and requires 128 MB of storage space. It outputs AutoCAD R13 – AutoCAD 2017 DWG/DXF files which you can choose at the output drop down menu.  Read all the features at the website.

AutoDWG PDF to DWG Converter: This one uses Smart Object Recognition technology to convert pdf to dwg. This helps it retain accuracy of lines, arcs, and True Type texts.  ALso a good choice if you are looking for software.  There is a free trial version that expires after 30 days.

Able2Extract can be run on Windows and Mac platforms. It converts the files into the same categorized layers which define the drawing. A thirty day trial period should be enough for you to learn how to use the software.

Online PDF TO DWG Converters:

With web tools  you all you need to do is upload the file,  choose the output format if need be,  then convert. You don’t need ant tutorials for this.

ZAMZAR is a renowned file converter.  This web tool can convert almost any file from one format to another. It will comfortably convert a pdf file to dwg format.  Convert.files is another web tool that will convert pdf to dwg for free.  The interface is not the neatest but yu will quickly see everything you need for the conversion.

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