How To Clear Cache On iPhone and iPad

iOS is a very robust operating system on both iPhones and iPads. It’s designed to manage memory well and effectively without any input from the user and more often than not, it gets it right. It’s even very odd that we’re talking about how to clear cache on iphone.

But sometimes, you might experience some lag in your phone or iPad and you just need it to be as fast as it used to be. Restarting the device might solve the issue just like it does on many electronics.  If this doesn’t work,  you might have to clear the cache.

Over time, as you continue to use your iOS device, it continue to collect files and data.  These files are application data for the apps you use like games. social media apps,  browsers e.t.c. This data is collected by these apps to personalize you experience and make using them easier.

But when this app data (cache) gets clogged up in your iPhone or iPad, it might start making your device slow. So you need to do that occasional spring clean to keep things fast and smooth. It’s basically the process of clearing unwanted app data from your device.

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How To Clear Cache In Safari Browser:

The Safari browser is probably carrying the most cache data of all the browsers in your iOS device. This is because you cannot stay away from Safari browser. It will open all the links from all your apps by default.

To clear cache in your safari browser, Open the Settings app, and scroll down to ‘Passwords and Accounts’ Then look for and select the option ‘Clear History and Website Data’.

how to clear cache in iphone

Clear App Data:

Other apps on your iPhone and iPad also have cache files and data.  Sometimes it’s a lot sometimes it little data. To check which apps are hogging a lot of of space on your phone, Tap Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

Give your device a few seconds to calculate the amount of data each app is keeping. Tap on any app to see the size of the app and it’s cache data.  For instance the Facebook app on my iPhone is occupting a ridiculous 297.8MB and it’s cache data is occupying 128MB.

how to clear cache on iPhone 2

You can decide to clear the cache data (Documents and Data) or uninstall (Delete) the whole app with it’s cache data and consider using Facebook Lite. It’s your choice at this point.

Do this for as many apps as you can afford to. Eventually your phone will start running faster.  Also, any issues you had with an app might disappear.

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