How To Check Your Word Count On Google Docs

In any write up or composition, the length of the article is a very important metric. Length of articles is usually measured by the number of words.

If you’re one of the millions of people using Google docs around the world, then you’re in luck because you can easily see your word count among other stats without a third party tool or service.

What’s Your Word Count On Google Docs?

You can check your Google document’s number of words any time by clicking on Tools in the menu bar, and selecting ‘Word Count‘.

how to check word count on Google docs

A pop up will appear on your screen with your Google docs word count, the number of pages and the number of characters in the document.

word count on Google docs

Google Docs Word Count For a Specific Section

If you want to check the word count on a specific section of a Google document like a paragraph, you can do that too.

Simply select the section whose word count you want to check, then go through the same process of clicking on Tools and selecting Word count.

Google Docs Word Count Keyboard Shortcut:

Thank heavens for keyboard shortcuts. You can use the Ctrl + Shift + C keyboard shortcut to quickly check your google docs word count if you don’t feel like clicking wit your mouse. If you have a Mac, then the obvious keyboard shortcut is Command + Shift + C.

Better word Count is a Google docs add on that shows a live word counter in the side bar as you type away.  It’s also useful when you keep forgetting the word count shortcut or procedure.

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