How To Cartoonify Yourself With a Caricature Painting

You’ve probably seen caricature drawings of politicians and celebrities in the newspapers and magazines. Caricature drawings and paintings are¬†basically cartoon-ish representations of someone or something in which some key features are exaggerated to convey a message.

Ref photo vs Digital painting. Asa. #alosaarts

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Caricature drawings and paintings can make good wall hangings or be used in stories where the exact picture of a person can land you in copyright issues.

Caricature drawings and paintings require special artistic talent which is sometimes not readily available. There are tools online that attempt to convert uploaded pictures into caricature representations but they hardly do a perfect job and sometimes you cannot really tell who the painting is supposed to represent.

Louis Alosa is a caricature artist with loads of experience in this field. He has mastered this art using the digital painting feature in Adobe Photoshop. His gallery of caricature paintings speaks for itself. All you need to do is contact him and discuss terms. He will ask you for a photo from which he will make a caricature painting out of. The pricing varies between $20 and $30 depending on the detail level of the panting.

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