How To Unblock Someone On Facebook For Android

We already looked at how you can unblock someone on Facebook from the web in this article.  In today’s article we are looking at how you can achieve the same goal using your Android device.

In this digital age,  you are more likely to be using Facebook on your Apple or Android device than on your computer or laptop.

If you are on the go and remember that person you had blocked and you now want to unblock, here’s how you can do it right from your android device.

Launch the Facebook app on your device and sign in if you haven’t.  Tap on the Facebook menu button   and scroll down to ‘Account settings’ .  Tap on it.

On the Account Settings page,   tap on ‘Blocking‘.  You will see a list of all the people you have blocked.  There is an ‘Unblock‘ button next to each name.

Unblock Someone On Facebook

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