Google Pixel 2’s Now Playing Feature Vs Auto Shazam

The much awaited Google flagship, the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL were released not too long ago. As expected from Google, this flagship was packed with many new features. The most notable is the camera.  Reviewers all around the world have agreed that the Pixel 2 camera is the best camera there is on a smartphone to date.

There was also another feature that stole the headlines.  A Pixel exclusive feature called Now Playing.

‘Now playing’ identifies the songs playing in your surrounding and displays the then name of the song and the artist on your lock screen. It does all this automatically. The notification is a clickable link that opens Google assistant with more information about the song, a link to the song on YouTube and maybe Spotify or any other link to buy the song. Smart, Right?

Reading this, you’re probably thinking about Shazam at the back of your mind. The app you can install on your Android or iOS device and it will identify all the songs for you. You are right. Shazam recently introduced a feature called Auto Shazam that works very similarly to the Now playing feature.

Here is a video highlighting the main differences between the two technologies.

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