Mobile Apps Will Teach Your Kids How To Read

What kids learn at school is sometimes not enough. Personally teaching your children how to read gives them personalized attention.

We’ve already covered a topic on how to find free books for your kids to read online. But before they could read, they were taught how to read. Teaching your child how to read is fun and very fulfilling. For them kids, learning how to read is sort of a rite of passage.

As our days get busier,  there’s limited time to spend time time reading books to our kids and teaching the younger ones how to read.  There are apps available to solve this problem. These apps are designed to help children how to read using games, songs and other fun activities.

Some of the apps are completely free, some have in-app purchases while some need you to pay first before you can use them. There’s a huge collection of ‘Learn how to read’ apps for children of different ages and abilities in the Apple app store and Android play store. You can try them all and see what suits your children best.

Don’t be afraid to try the paid apps because you can always get a refund if you don’t like it.

If you want to,  you can buy an iPad or an Android tablet specifically for your child(ren). Make sure you also put a protective case on it. Then you can install all the kids apps there including these how to read apps.

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  1. Wow, I couldn’t even imagine that there are such applications. I wonder how many more useful applications there are for children. And I also wonder if online schools like this one advise students to install useful apps. After all, you can create something and track the process of children in a playful way.

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