My SIM Racing Set Up!

When I decided to get into SIM racing for both pleasure and income, I wanted to create a set up that was both pocket friendly and fun to use; comfortable without breaking the bank.

sim racing se up

I play Gran Turismo Sport (See On Amazon) and the F1 series (See On Amazon) mostly. I also play a host of other games like Need For Speed. Here’s a list of everything I use in SIM racing.

Gaming PC: I’ve always preferred the PC to either consoles. I went for the AMD set up because you can save a little money and get the power you need. I spent about $1000 to buy all parts and assembled the PC at home. You could buy a complete unit from Amazon or fix one yourself!

PS5: The new generation console is a gift from the gods! With that dual sense controller, it takes gaming to a whole new level. I mainly use the play station for console exclusive games like Gran Turismo sport.

Asus VP28UQG 28″ 4K Monitor: For a proper gaming experience, a 4K monitor with a high refresh rate is exactly what you need. This one gives me the smooth buttery gameplay I need to play for hours without eye strain or fatigue. (See On Amazon)

Logitech C920S HD Pro Webcam: I use the web cam to show my face and wheel in live streams and some gameplay. My webcam of choice is the 1080p Logitech C920S HD Pro Webcam. (See On Amazon)

2TB USB 3.1 External Hard Drive. I mainly use this to transfer gameplay footage from one computer to another. Sometimes I record gameplay straight to the hard drive. (See On Amazon)

Logitech G29 Gaming Racing Wheel (See On Amazon). It comes with responsive pedals and it works on the PS5 as well. Great for manual driving. The wheel and pedals and wheel are mounted on Marada Racing Wheel Stand (See On Amazon)

Elgato 4K60+ Capture card: (See On Amazon) This is what I used to record PS4 gameplay and to host live streams from the PS4. The PS5 comes with a built in gameplay recorder but I still use the capture card when I want to stream from the PC or laptop. (See On Amazon)

Lenovo G50 core i7 laptop. (See On Amazon) This capable laptop helps me monitor my live streams and read chats! I also carry it around when travelling for Emails and light work. The main work horse is the Editing PC that remains in the studio.

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