Watch The Apple iPhone Launch Event Live!

It’s September already and that means it’s Apple”s launch month. Apple is set to follow upon it’s 10th anniversary iPhone X launch with three new flagship phones. Although these phones have been leaked to oblivion, there is still some value to watching the event live and being the first to know what’s inside these phones, the new Apple watch 4, maybe a new iPad pro could be having Faced ID; or a refreshed Mac book Air.

Basically there’s a lot to take home from this event.  We will also find out the iPhone XS price today on the release date. There’s a lot to expect and we want you to experience the event live! Below!

This will be CNET’s YouTube live coverage. Click on the ‘Plat’  button once. If the event has not started, set the reminder so that we send you a notification as soon as the event starts.

If you want, you could also watch it on Apple’s website. If you have Safari browser in your Mac or iPhone,  it works best. The event will also be available on Apple TV  with software 6.2 or later. If you have the 4th generation Apple TV the event will be listed in ‘Events’.

Watch away and share this to tell a friend they can watch!


Edit: Watch: The iPhone XS, iphone XS Max and iPhone XR First Impressions.

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