How To Use Soundmojis – Facebook Messenger

We’ve had emojis for a long time and almost every messaging service uses Emojis. An emoji is a digital image or icon used to express an emotion.

What is Soundmoji? Now what if Emojis could express that emotion with both visuals and sound? That’s what Soundmojis are. They are Emojis with sound(audio).

Soundmojis were pioneered by Facebook in their messenger app. Before you can use Soundmojis, make sure you update your Facebook messenger app to the latest version.

Then open a chat and tap on the Emojis ison in the text box, you should now see an extra ‘Sound’. icon in the Emoji menu. Tap on that and it will open the available soundmojis.

Simply tap on one soundmoji and the tap ‘Send’. to send it over. The Soundmojis library is not as big as the Emoji library but you can bet it will grow with time. Other companies will also get on that train soon to take advantage of this new wave!

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