How To Use Amazfit Pop 3R As Camera Remote

In the age of smart technology, our gadgets have become more integrated and multifunctional, enhancing the convenience of our daily activities. The Amazfit Pop 3R, which not only serves as a fitness tracker and personal assistant but also functions as a remote camera control.

This feature is particularly useful for taking group photos, selfies, or capturing moments when you need to be in the frame without the hassle of setting a timer. Imagine you’re at a family gathering or a beautiful scenic spot, and you want to capture the perfect photo without anyone being left out.

This guide will walk you through the steps to use your Amazfit Pop 3R as a camera remote.

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Use Amazfit Pop 3R As Camera Remote

To begin, wake up the screen of your Amazfit Pop 3R by pressing the power button on the side. Also by raising your wrist if you’ve enabled the “Raise to Wake” feature.

Once the screen is awake, press the crown button on your watch to open the app’s menu. From here, scroll down, find the “Camera” app, and tap on it to proceed.

How To Use Amazfit Pop 3R As Camera Remote

At this point, you’ll need to launch the Camera app on your smartphone. Once opened, you can use the shutter button on the Redmi Watch 4 to take photos or videos.

How To Use Amazfit Pop 3R As Camera Remote

In conclusion, using your watch as a camera remote is a simple and effective way to enhance your photography experience. With just a few taps, you can take photos from a distance. Enjoy experimenting with this feature and take your photo-taking skills to the next level!

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