How To Change Your Twitter Handle (Username)

Some things might have changed since the day you created your Twitter account a few years back. One of the most obvious things is, you grew up and no longer like that childish username you picked. Maybe you want to re-brand. And you want your username to match your new brand.

Of course you can create a new Twitter account with the desired username.  But this means you will start from scratch with 0 followers.

Changing your username(handle) seems like the imminent solution especially if your account has been around for while and you don’t want to loose any followers by creating a new one.

The best part is, changing your Twitter handle (username) is easy as pie.  Simply log in to your account on a web browser.  Go to your settings page by clicking on your profile picture in the upper right side and selecting Settings.

NB: You can also go straight  to your Twitter account settings by clicking on this url.

In the username section,  delete your username and and enter your new username.  Twitter will accept your new username depending on its availability.  Username are unique identifiers for every Twitter account.

Implications of Changing Your Twitter Username / Twitter Handle:

  • Changing your username on Twitter will change your Twitter profile URL. Your new Twitter url will contain your new username. i.e.
  • Changing your Twitter handle will not affect your current follower count,  direct messages or @replies. Everything that happened before the change will remain intact.
  • When you tweet anything, your followers will see your new username next to your profile picture and new tweet or mention.
  • When people send tweets, direct messages and mentions to your old username, the tweets will not reach you.

Tip:  It is important to let your followers know that you have changed you username. You can tweet it a few times and put this information in your profile bio. Encourage your followers to send mentions and direct messages to your new username.  Here is a sample message you can put in your bio.

“Hi everyone.  It’s still me.  I have changed my username from @oldusername  to @newusername.  Please send mentions and messages to the new username.

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