How To Take Panenka Penalty On EA Sports FC 24

In the world of virtual soccer, the EA Sports FIFA series has revolutionized the way we experience the beautiful game. With each new installment, the game developers introduce new features and techniques to enhance the gameplay. One such skill move that has gained popularity over the years is the Panenka penalty.

The Panenka penalty is a high-risk, high-reward technique where the taker chips the ball directly down the middle of the goal as the goalkeeper dives to one side. When executed correctly, it not only looks stylish but also ensures a goal, as the goalkeeper has committed to a direction and cannot react quickly enough to stop the softly lofted ball.

In this guide, we’ll break down the steps to take the perfect Panenka penalty in EA Sports FC 24.

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To Take Panenka Penalty On EA Sports FC 24

First, select the right player. Not all players are equally proficient at taking Panenka penalties. Look for players with high penalties, composure, and a good overall rating. These attributes will increase your chances of success.

Next, press and hold the “Lob Button” (R1 or L1) depending on your settings. Ensure that your aim is down the middle of the goal. This is critical as the goalkeeper will often dive to one side, leaving the center of the goal open.

How To Take Panenka Penalty On EA Sports FC 24

At this point, initiate your shot power by holding the shoot button (usually the Circle/Box button on PlayStation or the B/A button on Xbox). You don’t want to chip the ball too high, or it might sail over the bar. Conversely, chipping it too softly may allow the goalkeeper to recover and save it. Practice your timing to find the right balance between power and accuracy.

Like any skill move in FIFA, mastering the Panenka penalty takes practice. Head to the training ground or engage in penalty shootouts to refine your technique. By following these steps, you will be able to master the art of taking Panenka penalties on EA Sports FC 24.

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