How To Send Large Files Without Losing Quality – WeTransfer

You can obviously send files over your normal messaging apps like Whatsapp, iMessage and others. If you’re sending larger files, then you might be thinking about Google drive as an option and you’re not wrong.

The one major downside for me, is that all the methods mentioned above, and many more will compress your files and send a smaller, lower quality file than the one you intended to send.

So if you’re sending some professional video footage or photos, then you need a solution that will not tamper woth your files at all! One of those solutions is We Transfer.

WeTransfer is an online service you can use to send large files online without losing quality.The photos and videos you send will arrive as they were. The beauty of WeTransfer is that you can send these files for free (with some limitations, of course).

If you’re using the free option, you can send files not exceeding 2GB. You can sent these files to up to 20 people for a limited time as well. In fact,with the free version you don’t even have to sign up or give away any of your personal information.

On the website home page, simply click on ‘+ Add Your Files’ or ‘Select a folder’. depending on how you’ve organized your work. The file(s) or folder must not exceed 2GB per transfer if you’re using the service for free.

Then select to either send an Email to the recipient or copy a download link and the file will begin to upload. You can send the download link to the recipient via any messaging service.

The file(s) will be kept in the WeTransfer servers for 7 days after which they will be permanently deleted. If you want your files held for longer and want to send files upto 20GB per transfer, you might want to have a look at the paid option.

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