How To Use GoPro Hero 9 as a Webcam

With a portable high quality camera like the GoPro, it’s not a surprise that many people might want to use it as their computer webcams.

Fortunately this is possible using GoPro’s built in software. All you need is at least a GoPro Hero 4 black or later version.

For this tutorial, I’ll be using the latest and greatest, GoPro Hero 9 (See On Amazon). Alll you need to do first is to update the GoPro firmware if you haven’t done so already.

Then go ahead and download the GoPro webcam utility from the GoPro website. There’s a different download link for Mac and Windows users.

With the utility downloaded and installed, you’ll see the Gopro icon in the status bar. Now power on your GoPro Hero 9 and connect the USB-C cable to it and the other end to the computer.

The GoPRo icon in the status bar should now indicate the presence of a webcam via a blue dot. The GoPRo is now ready to be used as a webcam. Your New webcam can be used on YouTube live streams, Zoom calls, Microsoft teams and many other services that need a webcam.

Using the Gopro Hero 9 as a webcam maxes the output resolution at 1080p which is still very good, but you can step it down to 720p. especially if you have connectivity problems.

To change the resolution, go to the GoPro icon in the status bar, click on it and select ‘preferences. Then switch to your preferred resolution.

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