How To Hide Your IP Address

Your ISP(Internet Service Provider) can use your online activity to spy on you, manipulate or share your information.

The most secure way to hide your IP address would be to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Using A VPN

Below are a number of ways that a VPN secures your IP address.

By hiding your IP address, a VPN gives your ISP a harder time when they try to collect or share your data.

A VPN will increase your security by encrypting your internet data. Here, the data is converted into a code to prevent unauthorized access.

how to hide your ip address

A VPN will secure your IP address by creating the impression of being at the same location as the host server. For example, you may be in Kenya and you connect to a VPN located in Uganda. With a VPN, you will now seem to be in Uganda physically.

There are a few other methods used to hide IP addresses namely, using Tor, a Proxy Server or Free/Public Wi-fi.

However, these methods are limited in one way or the other like being slow or not safe. A VPN remains the most secure method.

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