Here’s How You Can Still Follow The Obamas on Twitter

When the Barrack Obama and Michelle Obama left the White house on 20th January, the @POTUS and @FLOTUS  twitter handles were re-assigned to the new Administration. Twitter failed to make an official announcement about this and many people were surprised to find themselves following President Trump on the @FLOTUS handle and First Lady Melania Trump on the @FLOTUS handle after the Inauguration.

All the Tweets were removed from those handles before they were transferred to the incoming Administration. So you will not see Barrack and Michelle’s old tweets on those handles.  Twitter instead moved the tweets to the new handles @POTUS44 and @FLOTUS44  and archived those handles.

Barrack and Michelle Obama will not be using those handles to tweet but they are available online to archive tweets of the 44th presidency of the United States. If you want to look at their old tweets,  you can check them out on the new 44th presidency handles here.

You can still follow the Obamas on Twitter and other social media platforms. The former president and first lady are now tweeting from their original Twitter accounts @BarrackObama and @MichelleObama. That’s where they tweet from these days and hopefully in days to come. Although they are currently keeping a low profile both on TV and social media, they will be back to promote their post presidency agendas.

You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram where they have been relatively quiet as well since they left office but you cannot expect them to be quiet for too long.

Barrack Obama: Facebook   Instagram

Michelle Obama:  Facebook  Instagram

The Obamas also have an initiative  called the Obama foundation which you ca follow up on at  They also have a YouTube channel for that initiative which will inevitably be the driving force of the organization together with social media.


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