How To Enable and Disable Mozilla Firefox Add-ons

Firefox add-ons are enabled by default when you install them. Sometimes you might want to disable a particular add on temporarily for whatever reason.

Sometimes, Firefox will disable some add-ons and you want them enabled. You need to be careful with this though,  because Firefox might have disabled the add-on for a reason.

Launch Firefox. Click on the Firefox menu and select ‘Add-ons’.   On the add-ons page select the add-on you want to enable or disable.

Use the same button to Enable and Disable.

Firefox Add-ons

Enable and Disable Add-ons on Firefox for Android:

You can also enable and disable Firefox add-ons on your Android device.  The process is very simple.

  • Launch Firefox.
  • Tap on the Firefox menu.
  • Tap on ‘Tools’  from the menu.
  • From the tools menu, tap on ‘Addons’.
  • You will see a list of addons.  Touch and hold the Add-on you want to disable or enable.

NB: The procedure on Firefox  for Apple is more or less the same.

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