How To Watch Facebook Live Videos Around The world

Facebook live is the new thing in town where users stream live videos through Facebook. It’s an interactive way to share what you’re doing while you are doing it. Since the feature was rolled out to all users, there has an explosion in the use of this feature.

If non of your Facebook friends has come on board, you can watch Facebook live videos from anywhere in the world.  Facebook allows users to watch other people’s Facebook live streams as long as the privacy settings of the live video are set to ‘public’.

Facebook Live Map is a map by Facebook that shows all the live videos streaming in real time. Blue dots on the map show where exactly these videos are being streamed from. To watch a live video, place your mouse pointer over the blue dot and wait 1 or 2 seconds depending on your internet speed.

facebook live map

The live video will start playing. You’ll see a profile picture and the Facebook name of the person streaming the live video.  You will also see how many people are watching that live video.  To join the live video and comment or like,  double click anywhere inside the live video. The left hand side pane shows a list of live videos from people you know or popular Facebook pages.

If you don’t feel like waiting for one of your friends to start streaming a live video for you to watch,  you can watch other (probably more interesting) Facebook live videos.

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