How To Delete a PS5 User Account

Just like on the PS4, you can create multiple user accounts on the PS5. This is meant to share games on the PS5 with friends and family without ruining each others save data and game progress.

But when a user account is no longer needed on the PS5, it can be deleted easily. This will remove the user account, save data, screenshots and saved video clips from that particular PS5 console but will not delete the PSN account associated with that account; if there’s one.

How To Delete PS5 Account

Switch on your PS5 console and log on with an account you’re not intending to delete. Probably the main user account on the console. Then navigate to the Settings icon in the top right side of the home screen.

On the settings page, scroll down to option 4 ‘Users and Accounts‘. On the next page, scroll all the way to the bottom and select ‘Users‘. You should now see a list of the users with accounts on that console.

Scroll through the user accounts and you’ll see a trash can icon to the right of each user. That’s the Delete button. Simply select the bin next to the account you wish to delete and confirm to have the user account deleted from your PS5.

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