How To Clean Your PS5 Controller….and Keep It Clean!

When I did my PS5 unboxing video; which I still believe was the first in Africa, I talked about my reservations about the white controller.

I had no particular issues with the white console, but the controller would be a problem. Because it’s always in your hands, it’s bound to pick up dirt the more you use it; it doesn’t matter how clean you think you are!

How To Clean PS5 Controller

Fortunately, the controller itself is easy to clean. Within 5 minutes, even the dirtiest controller will be sparkling white when wiped down using some alcohol pads (See On Amazon).

how to clean ps5 controller

It’s important to apply a little pressure as you wipe down and the pads will pick up all the dirt from the controller.

However, you can also use a damp cloth to simply wipe the dirt. The alcohol pads are safer because the alcohol will evaporate immediately. But if you can squeeze out all the water on a piece of cloth, you can easily wipe off dirt from the controller as shown in the video.

How To Keep Your PS5 Dual Sense Controller Clean

To keep the controller clean, just make sure you handle it with clean hands all the time. Avoid eating while playing as well. But the best way to keep it clean is to use a rubber skin (See on amazon) for your controller.

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