How To Change Your Twitter Banner / Header Image

The Twitter banner is the image displayed at the top of your Twitter profile. The header image is sort of like Facebook’s cover photo.  It is meant to welcome people to your Twitter profile.  You ca change your header image on Twitter easily following these steps.

Launch your browser and navigate to  Sign in to your account.  When signed in,  go to your ptofile page. You can do this by simply clicking on your name or username.

On your profile page,  on the right side below the header image, there is a ‘Edit Profile’  button.  Click on it.  The profile will go into Edit mode where you can change your profile picture,  Twitter name,  bio and the HEADER IMAGE.

twitter banner

Click on ‘Change your Header Photo’.  A window will pop up to allow you to select a photo from your computer’s hard drive.  The photo has to meet the requirements for a Twitter header image.  Re-position the image to appear exactly how you want it to.  Then click on ‘Save changes’  below the header image.

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