How To Add and Remove a Microsoft Account On Windows 11

You can choose to attach your Microsoft account to your Windows 11 user account. This offers more protection and flexibility in the way you use your Windows 11 PC or laptop.

When you add your Microsoft account to Windows 11, you can be logging on top your computer using the Microsoft account password or a PIn you can set.

A Microsoft account is only attached to a specific user account on the PC. Other users will not be able to access your information and data.

How To Add Microsoft Account To Windows 11

Go to Settings
Click on Accounts
Select Your info
Click on Sign in with a Microsoft Account instead
Enter your Microsoft Account Username and Password
Enter a PIN you can use to log in.
Verify your Microsoft Account.

While you are ati it, you can also seperately add your Microsoft account to the Microsoft Store and to Microsoft Edge if you want to.

How To Remove Microsoft Account From Windows 11

If you no longer want your Microsoft account attached to your Windows11 user account, then here’s how to remove it. This will not delete your user account; instead, it only unlinks your Microsoft account from your user account. You might have to remove it from the Microsoft Store and Microsoft Edge seperately.

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