Will My Phone Work In Another Country

Different countries use different mobile network standards and it’s important to know if your phone will work in your destination before you start the journey. There are two main mobile network standards used around the world; GSM and CDMA

will my phone work

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) is the most popular standard with over 90% market share in over 139 different countries and territories. CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) is the other network standard.

Knowing whether your phone will work in another country is as simple as knowing what standard your phone supports and knowing the standard used in the country or territory you are about to travel to.

For instance, Verizon, the largest provider in the United states uses CDMA.  GSM phones will not work on this network.  AT&T,  the second largest, operates on GSM network. Most of the new phones  tend to support all the frequencies and can therefore work on both standards.  This issue mostly affects older phones.

But any phone that supports 4G will work anywhere. 4G networks are supported on a single standard called LTE (Long-Term Evolution).  Although you still won’t be able to use voice and text on a contradicting standard because voice and text is still using 3G.

https://willmyphonework.net  is an interesting tool that will help you easily determine whether your phone will work in any country. The tool will take your phone model and your destination country as input,  then it will tell you if your phone can work in that country or territory.

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