What Is a Facebook Group?

I never imagined that in 2021, I would be asked by someone to explain what a Facebook group is. But here we are….

I find it that the best way to explain this is to use a real world example. The average person knows about 400 – 600 people. That’s too many people to interact with.

Out of those people you know, you can put most of them in different virtual groups based on how you met, what you do, your interests e.t.c. Some of the people you know are actually your relatives which is also a group.

what is a facebook group

You have different kinds conversations with members of a particular group that you may or may not have with members of other groups.

The conversations you have with your family members, and the things you talk about are different from the stuff you might talk about with your colleagues at work……….which is another “group’.

That’s what a Facebook group basically is! You have a Facebook account; you have about 400 hundred friends. So the ‘Groups’ feature lets you create and join groups…which are basically spaces within the platform where people share interests. A Group of you and your co-wokers, you and your current/former schoolmates, a group of people you share a common interest or goal.

Facebook allows you to create and join groups at will. The creator of a group decides who can be let in and who can’t. Also, groups can be public or private.

The groups feature can be found on the left hand side of your Facebook homepage on the web interface.

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