How To Charge Your Phone with Your Hands!

All smartphone and other device users share one common nightmare. Low Battery! Even in this day and age of large batteries, fast chargers and power banks, running low on battery is real and is annoying.

Carrying your charger in your bag or car sure helps but sometimes you could be in a situation where you don’t have a power source to plug in your charger. That’s when you need your own hands.

HandEnergy a gadget that allows you ti use your own hands to charge your devices. It’shaped like a ball that¬†houses a magnetic rotor inside. When you generate slight motion by just moving your wrist (hand energy), this magnetic rotor generates electric current which charges the in built batteries.

Power from the batteries can then be transferred to your device through a cable. The Hand Energy ball will charge your phone, Power bank, Go pro, Bluetooth speaker e.t.c.

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