Google Calendar Creates Time For Your Goals and Hobbies.

We have already said so much about Google calendar in this blog. One of the best productivity tools that combines reminders,  scheduling and to do lists in one app. Google calendar helps us organize our appointments, meetings and schedules.

But there are also other activities that are important in our lives and might get pushed out by our busy and ever changing schedules. If you have a new found hobby, or exercise routine or recreation activity,  you need to find time for it. Sometimes you just get too caught up with your work and forget to spend time with your children.

Google calendar can help you fix time allocations for these ‘work unrelated’ activities because they are important. For instance,  if you decide you’ll spend 1 hour playing with your children every weekend, then you can have Google calendar find you time for this.

This is only available on the Google calendar apps for Android and iOS. Launch Google calendar on your mobile. Tap on the “+” symbol at the bottom to add new. Select ‘Goal’.

google calendar goals

Choose the type of goal from the list and then select the exact activity. Choose ‘custom’ if your exact activity is not listed there. Give your goal a name.


Then give more info about your goal. How many times a week you want to work on your goal, what tme of day e.t.c. Google calendar will find time for your your goal around your busy schedule.

If e new appointment comes up at a time when your goals were scheduled,  Google calendar will automatically re-allocate time for it. You can also Defer when you’re not in the mood or you need to do something else at that time. The goals will adjust to your busy life.

This feature is meant to help you make sure you make time for yourself, your family and friends. After all, all work without play makes Jack a dull boy.

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