How To Use #HashTags In Instagram Stories

If you’re trying to get more Instagram stories views, then hashtags are a good way to get your stories out to more people.

Just like hashtags on normal Instagram posts, your stories will get to be seen by more people who don’t even follow you. A lot of Instagram users scroll through hashtags to see content from different people.

Before you start adding hashtags to your Instagram stories, make sure you prepare a list of the most useful and most effective hashtags for your post. You don’t want to be using too many hashtags on a post at the risk of appearing spammy.

There are three main ways to add hashtags to your Instagram stories. Mainly depending on what you intend your final story to look like.

Add Visible Hashtags To Your Stories

If you want your audience to see your hashtags, then you have the default option of putting them right on your Instagram story. Simply get the typing tool and start typing the hashtags separated by a space.

You can give these hashtags different styles, fonts and colours that suit your post.

Camouflage Hashtags

You can choose to camouflage the hashtags into the post so they blend in with the colours in the post.

To do this, type your hashtags, resize them to fit in an area with a specific colour, then tap on the colour selector and slide your finger on the post until you get to the area with the colour you want on your hashtags.

The hashtags will camouflage into the photo and only a keen eye will be able to spot them.

Hide Hashtags

You might want to use hashtags but you don’t really want them in your stories; even to that keen eye.

You can use a sticker (preferably location sticker) on your post and hide the hashtags behind that sticker.

You can use a small sticker and make the hashtags even smaller tucked away behind the sticker. That way, your hashtags remain effective but invisible.

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