How To Reveal Passwords Hidden Behind Asterisks

Most modern browsers are able to save log in details of the websites you visit often and will log you in automatically when you visit that website.  This is because the username ans password are stored in the browser’s password manager.

Since you are not typing your password every time you want to log in,  sometimes you might forget it.  This will not inconvenience you immediately because you are able to log in and do your stuff as usual.

When you go to the login page of a website whose password is saved,  you will see the password (hidden behind asterisks) in the password field. The number of asterisks might give you an idea of what your password was.  If it doesn’t, this is how you can make that password appear in plain text.

How To Reveal Passwords:

On the login page,  select the password. Right click and select ‘Inspect element’ This will divide the login page into two.  The website interface at the top and some lines of code at the bottom.

In the lines of code,  the line of code containing the password will be selected automatically. Look for the text type. Change the text type from ‘password’ to ‘text’  as shown in the video below.

The password will be revealed in plain text and you can simply read it.  Another way you can find passwords you forgot is by going to the password manager of the browser you are using.

As you might have noticed by now, browsers are very vulnerable and can give away your password to any one with some competence in computers.  So it is important to keep your computers safe and be careful where and when you use your passwords.

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