How To Know If You are Really Blocked on Whatsapp

If you had a an argument with your friend after a night out and suddenly you can no longer see his/her Whatsapp last seen time stamp. Chances are, you have been blocked. Also chances are, it might be something else.

blocked on whatsapp

How do you know for sure, that you have been blocked on Whatsapp? There are several different things to look out for when checking whether you’ve been blocked.

First of all, you open whatsapp and you can no longer see the person’s profile picture you saw yesterday or a few days back. The profile picture has been replaced wit the default Whatsapp profile picture. Then you open the profile page and you can no longer see the whatsapp status or last seen status. Now this looks like someone who has blocked you.

blocked on whatsapp 3

At this point, don’t draw any conclusions before you confirm that you have not made your own last seen, status and profile picture private.  If they are you will also not be able to see other people’s corresponding details.

Check whether you can see other people’s Whatsapp profile information. If you can, then probably this contact has blocked you. Try sending a message.  The message will leave your phone but will not be received by someone who has blocked you or is offline. You’ll only see a single tick.

At this point, you are 95% sure you have been locked on whatsapp. The remaining 5% holds the possibility of a deleted Whatsapp account. If the contact deleted their Whatsapp account, you’ll see similar signs.

How To Confirm You Have Been Blocked On Whatsapp:

If you have a second mobile number, you can use it to check whether you have been blocked. Go to Whatsapp settings and change your number. You’ll require the other number to be in a phone for the SMS confirmation.  Once the number is changed,  search for the contact.  If you’re able to see his/her profile picture and other details you couldn’t see with your original number; You’ve been blocked Fam! It’s 98% confirmed.

The contact’s info might be restricted to his/her contacts only.  Since this is a new number, it might not be in his/her contacts list.  The real bell ringer is when you attempt to send a message and you see two ticks. Whether they are blue or black,  it confirms that the receipent has not deleted his/her account.  You are now 100% sure you have been blocked.

Always trust your gut.

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