When Did You Create Your Google Account?

My girlfriend told me they were talking about when they opened their first Google accounts with her friends and she could not remember when she did.

Being the tech guy in the house,  I was made to somehow produce the date she registered her Google account.

She needed this information so she could tell her friends and joke about it.  What she didn’t know is that if she got locked out of her Google account for any reason,  the date her account was created would be one of the things Google would require for identification.

The fastest thing that came to mind was to check her first email.  Maybe the Welcome email from the Google team.  It usually comes immediately after signing up.  We found the email from Google and it had the date when she created her Google account.

What if she had deleted all her emails from her account? She would have expected me to find a way to do it. I found an alternative way.

There used to be a way to find this date from the google.com/takeout page but it doesn’t seem to be there any more.

To find this date,  Sig in to your Gmail account on a PC.  Then go to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP  settings page of your Gmail account.

The date is right there on this page.  You can save it somewhere for future reference or when you are not able to log in to your Google account.

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