Use The Gmail Archive To Tidy Up Your Inbox

The Gmail archive is like a filing cabinet for your Gmail account where you can move old email to so that your inbox remains uncluttered and tidy.

You can send as many messages to the Archive as you want.  I don’t see you saving 7GB of email that is available in your Google account.

The Archive is designed for those people that don’t like deleting emails.  You might need an email or information in a email months or years to come.  If you deleted it,  too bad for you.

So, if you want to remove emails from your inbox section,  you can send it to the archive where it will be stored for as long as your Gmail account exists.

gmail archive

You can send more that one message at a time to the Archive. Gmail also allows you to visit the archive and bring back the messages you want to the inbox.  If someone replies to a message you had archived, it will be automatically returned to the inbox.

Archiving your emails is by far much better than sending to trash when your are trying to tidy up your Gmail inbox.  You can find instructions of using the Gmail Archive on both PC and Android app on this page.

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