How To Find Your YouTube channel ID

Your YouTube channel ID is a unique string of characters that identifies your specific YouTube channel. In sme instances, you may be required to find your YouTube channel ID.

Fortunately you can find it inside your YouTube channel. I’ll be showing you two different ways to find your YouTube channel ID.

The first thing you need to do is open your web browser and sign in to Then click on your profile icon and select ‘Your Channel‘ from the menu. With your channel page open, the YouTube channel ID is the string of characters after /channel/ in the URL.

For instance my channel URL is:

My channel ID is UCTCMk9I_YW-xjeHEHCXZ6AQ .

You can also go into your account settings page to retrieve your channel ID. Go to your YouTube account settings page. Then click on ‘Advanced Settings’. You should see your YouTube channel ID right there!

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