Different Ways You Can Save/Upload Files To Your Dropbox Account.

Dropbox is one of the most popular and effective cloud storage services you will find on the internet.  With 2GB of free storage for every account it has attracted many users.

Dropbox and other third parties have come up with many different ways user can upload files to their Dropbox accounts.

Upload via the website:

On any browser,  you can sign in to dropbox.com and start uploading your files.  The files could be saved on your computer, a hard drive or your phone’s memory.  The files will be uploaded immediately in the folder you select.  These files and folders are private by default.

Drag folders to the Dropbox folder

When you install the Dropbox app on your computer,  it creates a special Dropbox folder.  This folder synchronizes its contents with the cloud.  To upload files to Dropbox,  you can simply drag (or copy and paste) them into the Dropbox folder. They will be synchronized and automatically uploaded to Dropbox cloud service.

From Your Device

You can also upload files from your Apple, Android Windows phone or any other device to Dropbox.  Either, access Dropbox from your device browser and upload files.

You can also install the Dropbox app for your device.  The app also creates a special folder in your device where you can place files to be uploaded automatically.

You can also set up Camera upload on your device.  Photos taken with your device camera can be automatically sent to Dropbox.

File requests

This feature is available to all Dropbox users. This feature allows you to request other people to upload files to your Dropbox account. Maybe photos from an event or just a file you need from them. You can use it to send large files to your Dropbox account.

Email files to your Dropbox

You can save files to your Dropbox by emailing as attachments to your Dropbox account.  Your Dropbox account can generate a special email address that you ca use to send attachments to via email. If you create an account at SendToDropbox.com, you can send files to a custom email address as attachments. The files will automatically appear in your Attachments folder in Dropbox.

Download files from internet directly into Dropbox

Amit Agarwal is a genius blogger and developer. Someone I look up to.  He has designed a tool you can use on google Chrome.  This tool allows you to save random files on the internet directly into your Dropbox account.  Read more here: https://ctrlq.org/save/

Download torrents into Dropbox

Torrent client applications also allow users to select Dropbox as their download destinations. If you use bit torrent or u torrent,  this option is available in the settings panel.

NB: This tip is intended for legal use only.

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