The Dailymotion Age Gate

The Dailymotion Age gate is a filter on the website that is designed to block inappropriate content from appearing in search results and the Daily motion feed.

Inappropriate content includes  sexually explicit videos and generally any video that has content unsuitable for viewers under 18 years of age.

Daily motion gives you the liberty to turn the age gate on or off.  Simply scroll down to the bottom of any Daily motion page and look for the term ‘Age Gate: ON‘  or Age Gate: OFF‘ under ‘Help’.

‘Age Gate: ON’  means that the filter has bee turned on.  inappropriate content will not appear on the Daily motion feed and search results.

Age Gate: OFF  means that the filter is off.  Any content that will show up in the feed and in search results.

You can toggle the Age Gate by clicking on the ‘ON’  or OFF links.  A small window will pop up asking you to confirm you want to turn the Age gate on or off.

Dailymotion Age Gate

Age restricted content does not necessarily mean the it violates the terms and conditions of Daily motion. Some content might be acceptable by the company but just not appropriate for young viewers.

If you find any content you think qualifies as ‘prohibited’,  i.e. child porno,  promoting violence and stuff like that,  here is a page that explains how you can report such cases.

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